Michael Kerschbaumer is a New York based artist and designer whose experience in Human Kinetics, Coaching, and the Fashion industry, has culminated in a unique view on Art & Design; a melding of purpose, personality, and aesthetics. After studying at UWO in London, ECIAD in Vancouver, and Pratt Institute in New York City, and working for Canadian and American manufacturers and designers, Michael’s interest in conceptual furniture resulted in some of his first design competition wins with the ‘Tied-up’ luminaire and 'Shellter' chair; he also most recently showed ‘The Seven Deadly Sins & One Love’ at Art Basel Miami.  Michael’s passion for new ways of seeing and experiencing art and design, spring from his childlike, but not childish approach to life, keeping in mind that we have a hand in our future, a foot in our past, but should live for the here and now.