The concept expressed by Michael Kerschbaumer in this group of benches, is that of sin originating through the suppressions of love; hence the benches’ contrasting red undersides (representing love) and their superficial treatment of one of The Seven Deadly Sins. The eighth bench with its relief letters L-O-V-E is solid red, expressing the “absolute” value of love, rather than the “relative” struggle between love and sin.

Michael brought in TAT’s Cru, a legendary crew of graffiti artists who have evolved out of the 70’s and 80’s NYC graffiti scene, to “write” the seven benches with spray cans. Member of TAT’s Cru include NICER, BIO, BG 183, HOW, and NOSUM. To create the relief “Love” in the eighth bench, Michael modified the idea of spraying with a paint-can to using a propane can to burn the relief into the wood and sand away the charred letters.   more >>

Seven Deadly Sins & One Love